Metal Beads


1.5 mL Polypropylene microtubes pre-filled with 24 mm metal beads

retaining cam ensures a secure seal

wide hinge for easy and orecise closure

Recommended for: hard tissues, dry grinding, skin, muscle, bone, hair, roots and seeds

Metal Beads

50 rxn

36 €

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Metal Beads

250 rxn

180 €

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OXGEN metal beads tubes can be used for lysis of hard to lyses samples such as plant materials, tissues and food samples. Based on our research the best extraction from 20mg to 200mg tissue can be achieved with 2.4 mm metal beads pre-proportioned to 1g in 2ml Tube.

The beads are compatible with most commercially available homogenizers, like FastPrepĀ® (MP Biomedical), MagNA Lyser Instrument (Roche). The tubes are produced with Virgin Polypropylene, they are DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitor free.